Sunday, December 25, 2011

Why Investing in Heirloom Tomato Seeds Is a Smart Idea

Do you love to make sandwiches for your family, and are always on the lookout for ways to make those tastier? Or do you run a small sandwich shop, where you need to make lots of veggie sandwiches every day? Either way, you should consider growing heirloom tomatoes in your veggie garden, reducing the production costs to a great extent. Known to have some of the highest densities among all available varieties of tomatoes, heirlooms offer excellent value for money. Besides, with a maturity period of just 85 days, the fruits are available pretty quickly, compared to some of the other types of tomatoes available.

However, before you can pick up a pack of heirloom tomato seeds, you need to know which ones would be best for your garden. Well, the following types grow well, and provide bountiful harvest in almost any kind of veggie garden. So, you might want to focus your attention on these varieties first:

1. Mortgage Lifter: One of the heaviest types of heirloom tomatoes, the mortgage lifter variety has little space for seeds within, and lots for the pulp. Plant a handful of these heirloom tomato seeds during early spring, and within three months, you should be able to reap your first harvest. Mortgage lifters are great for sandwiches, and can also be diced and added to salads. The mild flavor of the tomato does not reign over the flavors of the other veggies, which makes it also suitable for soups and curries. Try it, and you are bound to love it.

2. Black Krim: Do you wish to reduce the amount of salt you add to your salads? Black Krim heirloom tomatoes will allow you to do that, without compromising on taste in any way. These tomatoes are always slightly salty in taste, so feel free to put away that salt shaker every time you add a generous quantity of these in your salads. You can even cook with these, and cut down the amount of salt you add to your favorite tomato soups. Also, the plants of this kind of tomatoes produce fruit pretty quickly (in about 80-85 days).

3. Big Rainbow: This is perhaps the most colorful variety of heirloom tomatoes. The Big Rainbow tomatoes come in enough of colors to make almost any salad look great. Besides, the lingering, zesty flavor of these tomatoes make them work well as appetizers. What's even better is that you can plant these heirloom tomato seeds indoors during winter, and transfer to your garden after the last day of frost.

So, what could you possibly be waiting for? Start shopping now, for the best quality heirloom tomato seeds. There are plenty of online stores, which sell such seeds for highly affordable prices.

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