Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Advantages Of Articulated Loaders

Loaders are very often used in construction and farming to carry and transfer materials such as sand, gravel, rocks, soil and debris. There are different types of loaders available for various applications, but the articulated loader has proven itself to be a superior choice among other heavy machines. The advantages of using an articulated loader are discussed in detail below.

1. An articulated loader is manoeuvrable and allows work in very tight areas that are otherwise inaccessible to other types of heavy machines. The manoeuvrability of this type of loader is attributed to its articulated steering, which is like operating 2 short machines attached together with a rod so the chassis easily follows behind. As a result, you are able to accomplish more work in confined areas without causing damage to structures, animals and personnel on the job site.

2. An articulated loader is cost-effective. It is generally faster than other heavy machines allowing you to do more work in less time. It also consumes less fuel compared to other loaders due to the highly efficient hydrostatic drive. Because it is able to access confined areas it can be used for many tasks that used to have to be performed by hand. Due to the highly manouvrable articulated steering, it does not have to be parked far from the materials to be collected. It can be positioned as near as possible to the materials so the distance it travels to dump and load is shorter compared to the distances travelled by other heavy, cumbersome loaders.

3. An articulated loader is low and narrow, allowing you to operate inside buildings and small farming areas such as horse stables, cow sheds, chicken pens and green houses. Its narrow width enables access to residential properties, vineyards, building sites and demolition sites for construction and removal of debris. Its low height and narrow width also makes this type of loader easy to mount on and off by any personnel so it can be used for all jobs.

4. Modern articulated loaders utilise a clutch-less hydrostatic transmission with smooth power transfer so that the driver does not wear out clutches, gearboxes or axles. The hydrostatic transmission also makes this type of loader faster in speed compared to other heavy machines. It also features a forward and reverse thumb switch, making it very easy to drive. The speed is controlled by pressing down on the accelerator pedal, similar to driving an automatic car.

5. An articulated loader provides the driver a clear view of the front end of the loader. As this is where all the work takes place, it is important for the driver to see the front end to be able to perform jobs quickly and safely. The front chassis of this type of loader is built small to provide the driver with maximum visibility.

6. An articulated loader can be easily fitted with the different types of tyres so that it can be utilised for a wide range of demanding applications.

7. An articulated loader is built for constant pushing, which is ideal for efficient loading and transfer of materials. This type of loader is also able to reach higher and further because of its front mounted arms, making it very efficient in performing different jobs.

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