Sunday, January 1, 2012

Taking an Old Farming Method and Building for a New Age

Bring old world farming into modern times using new technology, taking water and old ways of growing and bring them up to date and onward into the future.

With modern manufacturing and materials it is not only possible to make a hydroponic system bring it up to date, but also to fabricate systems that can be used in space.

Past meets Present

A Hydroponics have been around for some time now we had the hanging gardens of Babylon for instance, which were in them selves not a new idea.

Coming up to modern times with modern materials, manufacturing techniques and fabrication processes it is surprising that Hydroponic farming is still in its infancy although widely known and used in some circles it has a certain stigma attached to it.

Hydroponics for confined areas

The plants can not only be grown in small surface areas a balcony for instance or in a window, but can be grow on top of each other into unused space, thereby doubling even tripling the crop for any given space, basically stacking.

Hydroponics in poor or no soil areas

You can have a system that can not only double the crop for a given area but can also be grown in an area with poor or no soil, getting high yield crop production from once useless or infertile land. A system can be installed almost any where there is free space.

Past meets Present meets the Future

Using modern manufacturing processes with light weight, strong up to date materials, Aeroponic systems are being manufactured to grow plants for the modern world.

Space travelers will use a hydroponics system to grow fresh food on long flights just like our ancestors used limes on sea voyages, they will grow crops that will supplement a healthy diet, getting the nutrients they will require for the rigors of long space flights.

Meeting Criteria

Close loop systems, feeding nutrient rich, oxygenated liquid to plants, meets all the criteria for the hydroponic farming, confined areas, poor or no soil, even stations on distant planets.

Windmills and the wind turbine, the past meets the present, the same is being done with the hydroponics system.


We have developed new stronger strains of plants, they grow higher yields, grow quicker and are more resilient to weather conditions, disease and pests.

Plants grow and produce not only the food we will require but the seeds and cuttings for the future propagation of even more resilient plants.

Why do you not try and Make a Hydroponic System you can make a small one in your kitchen for a tomato plant

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